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Fall Pruning Do's and Don'ts: Show Notes - Ep. 9

Dec 28, 2017

Fall and Winter Pruning! 

What does it mean to prune in your garden or landscape?  Why should I care about pruning at all?  Are there specific trees or shrubs I should prune in the Fall and what are they?  If I do prune in my garden, what should I do with any limbs or sticks I cut?  By the end of this episode, you should know why you prune in your garden and a general sense of how to do it! 

"And That's Good-To-Know" segment, our topic is the plant Poinsettia's. Why are they the iconic holiday plant and are there any health concerns you should be aware of? 

Poinsettia's (Euphorbia pulcherrima)  

  • Background and uses 
  • Poisonous attributes and what to look for 
  • Good indoor locations 

Go to WebMD or Mayo Clinic for more info 


Main Topic: Fall and Winter Pruning 

  • Intro 
  • So, for Fall Pruning we are going to talk about and answer 4-general questions: 
    • For #1, What does it mean to prune a plant? 
      • removing parts of the plant to improve it's health, aesthetics, and form 
      • 2 Types of pruning cuts - 
        • Thinning Cuts  
        • Heading Cuts   
      • Some graphical examples and how-to's of both these types of pruning cuts and more can be found at Sunset-dot-com
    • For #2, is there even a reason to care about pruning? 
      • 4 main reasons to prune a plant 
      • These reasons for pruning help with improving  
    • For #3, if I was going to prune plants in my garden or landscape this Fall, which ones would I prune? 
      • You should prune by specific species need.   
    • And for #4, What should you do with your debris after you cut it? 
      • Cut debris put back into your garden for nutrients. 
      • Use debris as art. 
  • Pro-Tip #1: before pruning, track the stem or limb back. 
  • Pro-tip #2:  Never cut more 1/3 of any plant material away.  
  • Personal Anecdote on pruning. 
    • Pruning tools you will need.   
    • Our Favs'

Wrap up