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Winter Blooming Garden Plants Show Notes - Ep. 12

Jan 16, 2018

Teaser and Intro  

"And That's Good-To-Know" segment: Growing Herbs Indoors.  

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Main Topic: Winter Blooming Garden Plants  

  • Intro 
  • Sean's 5-Favorite Winter Blooming Garden Plants, each with Bloom Time, Zone, Sun Exposure, Watering, Maintenance 

    1.  Hellebores or Lenten or Christmas...

Jan 16, 2018

Are there garden plants that actually bloom in the Winter?  Which ones can I plant?  What benefit is there to have Winter blooming plants in my garden Today on Episode 12, we answer these questions and give you information to decide if Winter blooming plants in your garden would be a good idea or not!  By the end of...

Basic Garden Design: Maintenance and Scheduling Show Notes - Ep. 6

Jan 7, 2018

Teaser and Intro  

"And That's Good-To-Know" segment: What are those small circular holes in my lawn that I mostly see in the Fall and Spring.  

You can find out more about Squirrels and their habits online at your state Wildlife or Recreation websites and private wildlife associations  


Main Topic:...

Indoor Plants and Winter Interest UPDATE - Ep. 11

Jan 7, 2018

Hi Everyone,


Please be sure to listen to the updated version of this episode and some of the information for each plant, as the pet friendly parts were incorrect.  

Thanks for listening!



Jan 7, 2018

Today on Episode 11, we'll talk about Indoor Plants and their benefits, What defines an indoor plant, anyway?  What are their needs and which indoor plants are my favorites?  Also, which of my favorite indoor plants are pet-safe?  By the end of this episode, you should know more about Indoor Plants, their benefits, and...