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Welcome to the SpokenGarden Podcast Page!  SpokenGarden is a podcast to help the garden DIY'er. Check out our page, listen to our episodes, and send us email or feedback on topics or ideas.  Thanks!

First Post for the SpokenGarden Podcast!

Nov 29, 2017

Hi there!  

This text posting is our first for the SpokenGarden Podcast.  We are very excited to start this and will be trying some different things out to see what works here.

What's this post going to be all about, you ask?  Well, we want to

  • post our podcast show-notes in an abbreviated form for you, so we will be...

Nov 23, 2017

What are you thankful for?  Is there something you use in your garden that makes a big differene for you?  What am I, your host, thankful for in my own garden? Today on Episode 8, our Thanksgiving Special, we talk about these and my TOP 5 Garden Things to be Thankful for, AND explore different ways to...

Nov 10, 2017

What should I do to get my garden ready for the Fall and Winter?  Is there a reason why I am even doing this and what are the benefits?  Will I need specific tools?  Today on Episode 7, we answer these questions and explore different ways to save you time!  By the end of this episode, you should have a better idea on...