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Ep20 How to Design and Build Your Own Pollinator Garden for Any Season

Jul 27, 2018

How would you build your own Pollinator Garden?  Where would you place it in your yard? What pollinators do you want to attract to your garden and how do you do that?  Today on Episode 20, I help you answer these questions by walking you through how to design and think about the placement of your pollinator garden by using our Basic Garden Design steps from our first 6-podcast episodes.  By the end of this episode, you should have a good idea of how to build, start, and maintain your own pollinator garden! 

Intro and Title: 

And That's Good-To-Know Segment: topic is Over versus Under watering your plants.   


When watering your plants you should know: 


Examples of what will happen when a plant is Under or Over-watered.  

  • 3 examples of Under-Watering 
  • 3 examples of Over-Watering 


What other Do's and Don'ts can you think of?  Email and let me know at . 


Under or Over-watering Stresses and what it can lead to. 

You can check out the PNW Disease Handbook and PNW Insect Handbook . 


Main Topic 

Go over Basic Garden Design elements: 

  • Garden Location and Use 
  • Sun Exposure 
  • Cold-Hardiness and Climate Zones  
    •   Make sure "you have Choosen Wisely". 
  • Soil and Soil Texture  
  • Maintenance and Scheduling  


Our first 6 podcast episodes on the Basic Garden Design elements go into more depth for overall basic garden design, so make sure to download and listen to those if you would like to hear more.  On this episode, I am going to use these 5 different elements to help you start to build your own Pollinator Garden.  But first off,…... I am going to help you answer these Three questions: 

  1. What is a Pollinator Garden and what are some examples? 

Want to know more how you can attract pollinators to your garden? Click here to read our blog post on how to attract pollinators to your garden Like A Boss! 

2. How do you attract pollinators to your garden?

3. How would you build your own pollinator garden?

The 1st Element is determining the Use and Location.   

The 2nd Element is Sun Exposure. 

The 3rd Element is Cold Hardiness and Climatic Zone needs.

Great resources to use are the 

USDA - Cold Hardiness Map (for US locations) and  Sunset Western Garden - Climate Zones map (for US locations).   

Check out for Europe   

Europe – Click on the "What's my zone" button 

The 4th Element is Soil and Soil Texture  

The 5th and last Element is Maintenance and Scheduling.  

Wrap Up 

Are you planning or have you already planted a pollinator garden? What plants have you or would you place in it? Email us and let us know!  We’d love to hear about what you have done or plan to do. 

Trivia:  I used a movie quote and want to know if you heard it.  If so, let us know the quote you heard and what movie it's from.  Send your answer to our Instagram account @SpokenGarden or email us.      

For more information on pollinator gardens including how to attract pollinators to your garden LIKE A BOSS, go read our full article on Blog page with the same title! 

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Join me next time for Episode 21 where we will discuss different summer weeding strategies!  See ya in the garden!