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Ep18 Vegetable Gardening: Part 1 - Show Notes

May 21, 2018


Do you want to build a vegetable garden this spring?  Where would you place it on your property?  What materials should you use? Which fruits and vegetables should you grow?  Today on Episode 18, I help you answer these questions by walking you through our personal home vegetable garden building project and give you some tips and tricks on where to place your garden, which soil to use, how to plant your crops, and some basic maintenance advice.  By the end of this episode, you should have a good idea of where to place and start your own fruit and vegetable garden! 


"That's Good-To-Know" Segment:  Alternate mowing patters for the health of your lawn. 

  1. First week, try mowing Straight 
  2. Second week, try mowing Up and Down 
  3. Third week, try mowing Diagonal  

  link here for some more info about pattern ideas and some how-to's, so check it out! 


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Main Topic:  

Q1 What is fruit and vegetable gardening? 

Q2 Why should you build your raised-bed vegetable garden? 

Q3 How should you build your vegetable garden? 

Q4 Where would you place it on your property? 

Q5 When should you start to grow your vegetable garden? 


Conclusion: So, put this all together and you have the start to your Fruit and vegetable Gardening plan!   

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Wrap Up: