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Ep14 Garden Pollinators and Their Favorite Flowers - Show Notes

Feb 19, 2018

Have you ever wondered how you could attract more pollinators into your garden?  What specific plants would you need to add and what time of year would be best to attract hummingbirds, bees, and other important visitors?  Today on Episode 14, we answer these questions and prepare you to make decisions on which plants to have in your garden to encourage more pollinator activity.  By the end of this episode, you should be able to start planning to see more hummingbirds, bees, and other wildlife in your garden.  Also, I will discuss how grouping flowers and their colors can make a big impact in your garden in our "That's good to know" segment! 


And That's Good-To-Know Segment: Flower Color Combinations and Grouped Numbers 

Flower colors elicit different reactions from us humans.  


Group sized planting of the flowers and color: odd numbers are best.   

  • Questions: Can you think of any of these colors and their combinations that might calm or excite you? The next time you look at your garden or your friend's yard, take a moment and notice what colors draw your eye; what color combinations you like or maybe dislike, and how the plantings are grouped?  
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Main Topic 


  • When pollinators start to appear. 
  • Have a variety of plants  
  •  Have flowers blooming Spring to mid to late Fall. 

Three popular pollinators this Spring are: 

  • Humming birds 
    • Humming bird feeders at Wild Birds Unlimited   
    • Examples of general landscape plants they like  
  • Mason Bees  
    • To rent around Seattle, WA and Portland, OR 
    • Examples of general landscape plants they like  
  • Bumble Bees 
    • Examples of general landscape plants they like   


More information:  




Note: Keep pest-critters out and not hurt the ones you want to see, listen to the beginning of Episode 13 about Non-Lethal Burrowing Animal Deterrents. 


Wrap up      

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Join me next week for our Episode #15, Spring To-Do's!  See Ya!