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Ep. 35 Show Notes

May 12, 2019

Do you like Butterflies? Ever considered what flowers butterflies like? Where would you even put their favorite flowers in your yard? On today's episode, I am going to list 5 favorite flowers that attract and keep butterflies coming back to your garden. By the end of this episode, you will know these five flowers and where to put them in your yard so they thrive and attract butterflies and other pollinators. 



There are many more plants and flowers out there that can attract butterflies to your garden and you can find this larger list at Eden Brothers website through our affiliate link 

Learn more about Butterfly behavior, go to this Birds& article. A link will be in this episodes show notes and webpage.  

If you want to help the migrating Monarch Butterflies this Fall have more nectarclick on this Birds&Blooms link to learn more! 

AND get Eden Brothers 15% discount at checkout when you use the Coupon Code "SPOKEN", all caps!


   See ya in the garden!