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Dec 31, 2018

What do you know about organic seeds? Do you know of their benefits to our food systems and environment? Have you ever thought about them before? On this episode, Allison and I travel out to WA states peninsula to participate in the yearly county Farm-Tour put on by the county extension agency and interview two groups that are bringing awareness to the importance of food production and furthering our understanding of how we need to think about our environment. You will hear from one of those groups on today's episode. This will be the start of our Amazing Gardener Series, where we interview different gardeners doing all sorts of amazing things! 

Allison and I interview Cara Loriz and Laurie McKenzie from the Organic Seed Alliance.  We arranged to meet them at this past Septembers' Jefferson County Farm-Tour where the WSU county Extension Agency hosts and promotes local farms and farmers.

We met Cara and Laurie at the Finn-River Cidery, as one of the "farms on the tour" in Chimacum, WA. Organic Seed Alliance has a trial farm on the Cidery Farm to evaluate and collect different vegetable crops in this region. 

We were able to meet and sit down with Cara and Laurie to hear all about the Organic Seed Alliance and what they are doing.  Here is our interview.

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