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Ep19 Vegetable Gardening Part 2 Show Notes

Jun 10, 2018


Do you want to build a vegetable garden this spring?  Where would you place it on your property?  What materials should you use? Which fruits and vegetables should you grow?  Today on Episode 19, I help you answer these questions by walking you through our personal home vegetable garden building project and give you some tips and tricks on where to place your garden, how to build it, which soil to use, how to plant your crops, and some basic maintenance advice.  By the end of this episode, you should have a good idea of how to build, start, and maintain your own fruit and vegetable garden! 



"That's Good-To-Know" Segment: Flower-Container Do's And Don'ts. 

Flower Container Uses: 

  • Front entryway enhancement 
  • Traffic control and guiding 
  • Barrier or Safety use. 
  • Color creation and drawing-the-eye 
  • Space fillers and gap closers 

3 Do's: 

  • Do have plants with same cultural and environmental needs 
  • Do pick plants that are easily maintainable 
  • Do plan each container with plant height in mind  

3 Don'ts: 

  • Don't over or underwater your containers. 
  • Don't forget to use rocks or rock-pieces in the bottom of your container. 
  • Don't use thorny or foul-smelling plants 


What other Do's and Don'ts can you think of?  Email and let me know at . 


Main Topic 

Our Raised Beds 

Reference our blog post on building your own raised garden beds for specs and graphical diagrams.  

EXCLUSIVE! Fill your new garden beds with all kinds of seeds, bulbs, veggie starts, and/or flowers after they are built with our exclusive coupon to offer you to save $5 off your order when you spend $50 or more at 


Recommended Tools you will need (with affiliate links for some in the show notes): 

  • Power Drill - What we used. 
  • Hex-head Drill Driver 
  • Drill Bit 
  • Regular Hammer - What we used! At Amazon! 
  • Skill Saw 
  • Carpenter Pencil - What we used! At Amazon! 
  • Measuring Tape 
  • Carpenter's Square - What we used! At Amazon! 
  • Sledge Hammer 


Alright, time to put your DIY skills to work! Let's get started! 


Step 1:  Planning and Gathering 

  • How 
  • Tips  

Step 2Measuring and Cutting 

  • How 
  • Refer to the directional-drawings 
  • Tips 

Step 3: Come Together, Right Now......  Let's Build This! 

  • How 
  • Tips   


Next is Step 4:  Levelling Up! 

  • How 
  • Tips 

Next is Step 5: Location and Placement of your new garden bed(s). 

  • How 
  • Tips 

The last and final Step:  Fill and Plant 

  • How 
  • Tips 
  • Read our post about how we planted out garden seeds called " 9 Fruit and Vegetables to Plant Right Now for a Summer Harvest".  

Visit our Podcast page to listen to our first 6-episodes on Basic Garden Design to plan for your general garden needs. 


I want to ask you, After listening to this episode, what kind of raised bed are you going to or have you already built? What have you or would you plant in it? Email us at and let us know!  We’d love to hear about what you have done or plan to do. 



Wrap Up: