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Oct 24, 2022

On this Saturday LIVE, it's bulb planting season and we talk to you about 4 tools we use to get the job done and how each is BEST used. Also, we answer audience questions, talk about gardening in the news, what's new with us at Spoken Garden, and our top 3 viewed videos this week! There's a lot to chat with you about! So let's talk about gardening!! Bring your coffee or tea. 😊👍 ☕

Bulb Planting Tool Links from this Live:

⚒️ Corona Hand Trowel with graduated markings:

⚒️ Bulb Hand Planting Tool:

⚒️ Bulb Auger by Power Planter:

⚒️ Corona Tools Hori Hori Knife:

Links from today's Live:

➡️Asian Jumping Worm:

➡️3 Tips to Winterize Your Rain Barrels:

➡️New Plants for 2023 from

Our Top 3 YouTube Videos:

1) How to Overwinter Your Potted Mums:

2) Pruning Hydrangeas for Winter:

3) How to Harvest Zinnia Seeds:

DOWNLOAD our free unusual fall bulb list:

Thank you for listening and we'll see ya in the garden!


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