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Fall and Winterizing Your Garden - Ep. 7

Dec 29, 2017

Fall and Winterizing Your Garden  

What should I do to get my garden ready for the Fall and Winter?  Is there a reason why I am even doing this and what are the benefits?  Will I need specific tools?  Today on Episode 7, we answer these questions and explore different ways to save you time!  By the end of this episode, you should have a better idea on what you need to do this Fall to winterize your garden, which tools you will need, and some other interesting facts! 

"And That's Good-To-Know" segment, our topic is lawn thatch.   

  • What is it? 
  • How to maintain your lawn. 

Go to the Professional Lawn Care Association of America for more info  


Fall and Winterizing Your Garden  

  • Intro  
  • Fall and Winterizing your garden: make a task list and prioritize 

The list should be comprised of these 9- basic Fall tasks of: 

- Weeding, Mulching, Pruning, Fall and Winter Crops, Cleaning/pickup beds and landscape, Dividing/ Transplanting Established Plants, Planting New Trees and Shrubs and bulbs,  Shutting Down Irrigation Systems/ Storing, Leaf pickup and use in beds, Aerate/ Fertilize Grass, Other Stuff?? 


  • Basic tools you will need.    
  • Our Favs' 

Wrap up