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Ep34 Mother's Day Garden Gift Ideas Show Notes

May 5, 2019

Mother's Day is almost here and celebrating the many women in our lives, and of course our mom's love, patience, hard work, and support is super important, but have you thought about what to buy your mom for mother's day yet? Don't worry, we have you covered! On today's episode you are going to get some great and easy garden gift ideas for your mom so on Mother's Day you will be her favorite! 


Also, Allison and I are SUPER excited to be working on our Plant Profile EBook, our first eBook, for you our audience. So stay tuned!


Since it's May, the 5th month of the year, we thought we would give you 5 different Mother's Day Garden Gift Ideas. Here they are! 

  1. Mexican Salsa Vegetable Garden Starter Kit – Non-GMO
  2. Culinary Herb Seed Starter Kit 
  3. Blazing Star – Flowering Liatris spicata ALSO, there are other plants that your mom can plant in the spring to have flowering THIS summer, so follow our affiliate link in this episodes show notes or on it's webpage to find more plant options at Eden Brothers! 
  4. Calla Lily Bulbs 
  5. And lastly, The Apollo Garden Tool Gift Set – with pink apron 
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  Until next time, see ya in the garden!