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Ep30 Show Notes

Jan 29, 2019

Today on Episode 30, we are talking about specific indoor plants that have a low maintenance level and are perfectly fine growing in little to no light. This is an updated re-release of Episode 11 with new plants and additional information. By the end of this episode, you should know more about these indoor plants, how to better care for them, where these plants will thrive in your home or office, and how safe these plants are for your pets! 


Allison and I have some really fun and new ideas for you! We are SUPER Excited to share that we are developing a Plant Profile eBook AND are also producing an ebook on our 3-Pillars of Pruning! These and more ideas to help you in your garden are on their way in the next couple of months, so STAY TUNED!   

We've put together our REALLY useful freebies and Cheat-Sheets for you on our Free Resources Page.  

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 Ok, let's dig in..... 

Indoor plant basics ... 

Indoor plants can generally improve our indoors living environment by ... 


Here's a Fun Fact:  Indoor plants can have long-term effects like helping to lengthen your lifespan in general from their calming effects and sense of having the outdoors inside. 

There are A-LOT of Great Indoor Plants out there and you can click here in the show notes to see what Amazon has to offer!  

Indoor Plants: 

  1. Is the Spider Plant. 
  2. Mother-In-Laws Tonge or the Snake Plant. 
  3. Heart-shaped Philodendron and yes, it's leaves actually do very closely resemble the heart-shape. 
  4. Is the Rubber Fig or Rubber-Tree Plant (yep just like the Frank Sinatra Song of "High Hopes". 
  5. Lastly, is the Jade Plant. 

If you are looking for pots or plant-stands, or other accessories like organic fertilizer sticks, hangers, or soil, click on the links in the show notes for (read each bullet point): 


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