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Ep28 Fall Garden Bootcamp Challenge Wrap Up, Successes, Next Steps, and Reflections

Dec 9, 2018

For our segment, "That's Good-To-Know"our topic is what to do with your summer flower pots for the winter. 


Main Topic:

First off, you should know that if you participated in the Fall Garden Boot Camp Challenge, you were part of an enthusiastic and positive garden group of 28 participants who worked hard to get your garden into shape for the coming winter and making ready for next spring.  YAY! 

To review all 8 of the Fall Garden Tasks part of the Challenge, they are: 

  1. The beginning of the Series, Episode 22, The overview of the Fall Garden Bootcamp Challenge 
  2. In week 1, Episode 23 tasks' were Weeding and Leaf Cleanup 
  3. In week 2, Episode 24 tasks' were Mulching and Lawn Maintenance 
  4. In week 3, Episode 25 tasks' were Pruning and the 2nd Leaf Cleanup 
  5. In week 4, Episode 26 tasks' were Planting and Transplanting, and Fertilizing 
  6. In week 4.5, Episode 27, tasks' were Equipment Maintenance and the 3rd Leaf Cleanup 

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Join me next time for Episode 29, where Allison and I interview Cara Loriz and Laurie McKenzie from the Organic Seed Alliance as the start of our new Amazing Gardener's Series. Until next time, see ya in the garden!