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Ep.26 Fall Garden Planting, Transplanting, & Fertilizing Show Notes

Nov 15, 2018

Is planting part of your Fall garden tasks list?  Did you know you can and SHOULD fertilizer your garden this fall?  Today on Episode 26, we help you understand the do's and don'ts of planting and transplanting this fall, and how to get it done.  Also, we will talk about fertilizing in your garden this fall and why you should be doing it. This is the fifth of our 7-part podcast mini-series outlining 8 of the most common garden tasks that should be on your list and week four of our Fall Garden Bootcamp Challenge!  By the end of this episode, you will know how to get your plants properly planted and how to fertilize your garden plants so they are ready for the winter months!


Intro and Topics this episode:

For our segment, "That's Good-To-Know", our topic is Seeing Mushrooms in my Garden this Fall and What it Means.

The North American Mycological Association at to find out more about mushrooms and regional events.

Main Topics: Planting, Transplanting, & Fertilizing (Dividing mentioned at beginning)

So dividing plants is an important DIY fall garden maintenance task.

Listen to the DIY Garden Minute ep. 4 to learn more about if you should or shouldn't divide!

Listen to DIY Garden Minute ep. 6 to learn more about fall perennial planting tips!

Osmocote and tree-spike fertilizer links on webpage Resources section on right-hand side.

Wrap Up and End: Feel free to email us at .