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Ep22 Fall Garden Task Series:  Overview and the Fall Garden Challenge 

Sep 22, 2018

Is your fall garden to-do list pretty big?  Are you dreading all the garden tasks you need to get done before winter sets in?  How are you going to get them all done? Today I outline 8 of the most common garden tasks that should be on your list.  By the end of this episode, you will have an outline of what 8 garden tasks you should be doing this Fall and primed to apply these tasks for the Fall Garden Bootcamp Challenge! 


Intro: BIG Thank You to our Listeners!

For our segment, "That's Good-To-Know"our topic is English Ivy.   

English Ivy, or Hedera helix,  is a woody evergreen groundcover or vine, and can be found in many different areas of gardens, forests, rights-of-way, and other nooks and crannies you might think it would grow.  It thrives...



Main Topic:  

Our 7-episode podcast mini-series outlining 8- different garden tasks you should be doing this Fall or should consider adding to your list. 

Fall garden tasks of this 7-episode mini-series.  They are: 

  1. Introduction & layout of the 8 tasks & the Fall Garden Bootcamp Challenge
  2. Weeding and Leaf Cleanup 
  3. Mulching and Lawn Maintenance 
  4. Pruning and Leaf Cleanup 
  5. Planting and Transplanting 
  6. Fertilizing 
  7. Equipment Maintenance and Leaf Cleanup  

Now that you know the 8-Fall garden tasks you should be getting done, let's talk about Spoken Garden's Fall Garden Bootcamp Challenge.  This Fall, you can join our garden bootcamp challenge, which is very similar to our Spring Bootcamp Challenge, to get your garden whipped into shape. 

When you join our Garden Bootcamp Challenge this Fall, you will receive a calendar with October's dates and specific tasks from our 8-task list.  Each week you will need to perform one or two-paired garden tasks with a minimum amount of time.    

If you have any questions about the challenge or on a specific Fall task, don't hesitate to email us.  We are here to help you! 


Bye!  That’s it for this episode!  Thanks for listening to the Spoken Garden Podcast with me, Sean McManus!  For more information on this 7-episode podcast mini-series, you can go to this episodes webpage to see a simplified list of the 8 Fall Garden Tasks you should be doing! Find our Podcast page at, so check back.  If you liked our show, please favorite, like, or share it by clicking the appropriate button on your devices screen.  If you have any suggestions of topics or have specific comments, please also feel free to email us at .  Join me next time for Episode 23 where we will continue our Fall Garden Bootcamp Challenge Tasks, talking about Weeding and Leaf Cleanup!  Until next time, see ya in the garden!