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Ep21 Proactive Weed Strategy Anytime of Year - Show Notes

Aug 27, 2018

Do you have a summer weeding strategy?  How can you control the weeds in your yard this summer, but still have a beautiful yard to enjoy?  Today on Episode 21, I help you build a weeding strategy by giving you some starter weed information and then build off that with two example strategies based on where you are starting in your garden.  By the end of this episode, you can feel more confident in controlling weeds in your garden any time of year! 


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That's Good-To-Know Segment: Poisonous Night-Shade- what to look for  

How to Identify 

How to control 


Main Topic:  

Weed basics 

What do weeds need to thrive in your garden or yard? 


Do you have a weeding strategy?   

Reactive strategy 

Proactive strategy A list of these along with product links will be on this episodes webpage.  These great tools are: 

  • Hand Trowel – Fiskars 
  • Weeding Fork – lots to choose from 
  • Leaf Rake – Kobalt 
  • Pitch Fork – Kobalt 
  • Leather Gloves – lots to choose from 


How can you control the weeds in your yard this summer, but still have a beautiful yard to enjoy?  

 First scenario  

  • What You know 
  • The Strategy 
    • Access to sunlight    
    • Soil texture and drainage 
    • Soil temperature 
    • Moisture 
    • Fertilizer  
    • Mulch 
    • Weed Disruption 
  • The BIG key point here in this first scenario of a newer landscape is to make your yard as unhospitable to weeds as you can where they won't have enough growing space, sun, nutrients, moisture, or correct temperature to germinate and grow. 

Second Scenario  

  • What you know 
  • The strategy   


Wrap Up

If you have any weed strategies you would like to share with me, please email me at 


For more information on how to mulch in your garden, go read our full article on the Spoken Garden Blog page and read our mulching post!  For this episode or any previous episodes, the show notes will be available on our Podcast page at, so check back.  If you have any suggestions of topics or have specific comments, please also feel free to email us at .  Join me next time for Episode 22 where I will go over what Planting/Transplanting/ and Dividing are and why they should be done in the Fall!  Until next time, see ya in the garden!