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Ep17 Best Pest Prevention Strategies for Your Garden - Show Notes

Apr 27, 2018

What is a Garden Pest? What pests do you have in your garden?  Can pests damage my plants, why should I care, what should I look for, and how can I prevent different pests in my garden?  Today on Episode 17, I answer these questions and help you understand principals on pest prevention in your garden!  By the end of this episode, you will know how to prevent and also control different pests in your garden! 

"That's Good-To-Know" Segment:  5 Fun Fuschia Facts 

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Main Topic: 

So, first off, what are Garden Pests? 

How Often Do Pests Need to be Managed? 


Now, some common types of garden pests 

Animal Pest Examples 

Insect Pest Examples 

Plant Pest Examples 


The How-To Strategy in 3-Steps 


3-Common Pests in the PNW and Best Practices 

  1. Weeds 
  2. Slugs 
  3. Moles 


Regular Podcast Wrap Up and Outro: