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Ep16 Improving Curb Appeal: Our Home DIY Landscape Project - Show Notes

Apr 6, 2018


Do you have any landscape projects this spring?  Are you looking for a way to develop and create a plan? How do you pick plant and other materials for your project?  Today on Episode 16, I help you answer these questions by walking you through our personal newest home landscape curb appeal project.  This will give you a way to develop and build your landscape project based on yours and your yards' needs!  By the end of this episode, you should be able to map out and create your new yard project by following some easy steps and be confident in your garden project decisions! 

 Challenges and Freebies: 

  • Launching our Spring Garden Boot-Camp Challenge –  starting May 1st.  Available at in 2-weeks 
  • Cheat Sheet for How to Mulch:  The Basics;  Click here!   Ok, let's get this episode started..... 

"That's Good-To-Know" Segment: What are the 5 different types of bulb categories? 

  1. True-Bulb 
  2. Corm 
  3. Tuberous Root 
  4. Rhizome 
  5.  Tuber 

More info, go to the Univerity of Illinois Extension webpage for Bulb Basic.  

Want to buy some of the example plants, click our Burpee Affiliate link

Also for a bulb planting and care tips, click this link from Sunset Western Garden here.....! 

Main Topic: Title 

Our home DIY curb appeal project is  based on our first 6 podcast episodes (click links below to listen to each Steps' podcast episode):  

  1. Location and Use
    • The Old Premise and Use 
    • New Premise and Use 
  2. Sun Exposure 
    • Plant Material  
  3. Climate Zones and Cold Hardiness 
  4. Soil and Soil Texture  
  5. Maintenance and Scheduling 

Bonus Info   

Plant cultural information on our three chosen plants. (A few are affiliate links) 

Regular Podcast Wrap Up and Outro: 

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  • Join me next week for Episode 17 discussing the Best Pest Strategies for Your Garden!  See Ya!