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Ep15 Spring To-Do List - Show Notes

Apr 1, 2018


Spring is just around the corner and I bet your to-do list is growing.  Maybe you don't have a list though and are wondering what you should be getting ready to do in your garden.  Like, should I prune or fertilize or aerate, or mulch?  Why should I do anything this Spring in my garden?  Wait, what?!!  Today on Episode 15, I will go over my Top 5 Garden Spring To-Do's and get you ready to enjoy your garden into the Summer.  By the end of this episode, you will have your to-do list.  Also, I will talk about the Dutch Tulip Bubble in our "That's good to know" segment! 

That's Good-To-Know segment: The Dutch Tulip Bubble 

For more information, go to the Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society webpage at  


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Main Topic: Title 

To-do Lists and Spring; what's your motivation.  

My Top-5 Garden to-do's and how to go about getting them done:  

  1. Weeding 
  2. Mulch and Mulching –  my wife and I wrote 2 great blog posts on the Top 7 Reasons Mulching Your Garden is Beneficial and How to Mulch, so check them out at . 
  3. Prune! What? - YES, I said prune.   
    1. Two good examples of plants I personally have to maintain in our garden are: 
      1. Rhododendrons  VERSUS 
      2. Roses 
  4. Fertilize – affiliate link here for their fertilizer products.  
  5. Lawn: Aerate, Top-Dress, Seeding, and Fertilizing. 


Other to-do's: 

  1. Irrigation Spring Activation 
  2. Clean driveways and walks by pressure washing 
  3. Plant potted seasonal color splashes 

Pro-Tip 1:  Prioritize your to-do list  

Pro-Tip 2:  Before you Top-dress, seed, or fertilize your lawn, be sure to mow it first!   


Wrap up      

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