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Winter Blooming Garden Plants Show Notes - Ep. 12

Jan 16, 2018

Teaser and Intro  

"And That's Good-To-Know" segment: Growing Herbs Indoors.  

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Main Topic: Winter Blooming Garden Plants  

  • Intro 
  • Sean's 5-Favorite Winter Blooming Garden Plants, each with Bloom Time, Zone, Sun Exposure, Watering, Maintenance 

    1.  Hellebores or Lenten or Christmas Rose – Perennial low growing shrub

    2. Camellias - Evergreen Trees or Shrubs 

    3. Snowdrops (Galanthus sp.)  Flowering Bulb 

    4.  Daphne (Daphne bholua)  Semi evergreen shrub 

    5.  Pieris (Pieris japonica)  Evergreen shrub 

    More Info at: or 



Wrap Up and Outro