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Christmas Special: Show Notes - Ep. 10

Dec 28, 2017


Ep10 Christmas Special!  

Today on Episode 10, our Christmas Special, we'll talk about best Christmas gifts for the gardener in your family and answer a couple of these questions:  What is the story behind Mistletoe and why the kiss?  Christmas Trees: Real or Fake?  Is there really a Christmas Cactus and what's the best way to care for it this time of year?  By the end of this episode, you should know more about each of these Christmas items and have a better understanding why they are part of the holidays 

"And That's Good-To-Know" segment, our topic is the Do's and Don't's of Christmas Tree Care:  3-Do's and 3-Don'ts  

Go to American Christmas Tree Association for more info  


Topic #1: Christmas and the use of Mistletoe  

  • Symbolize  
  • Ideas of a kissing 
  • Poisonous Attributes 
  • Fun Fact 

Topic #2:  Live or Fake Christmas trees?  The Pros and Cons: 

  • Fake Tree:  
    • Pros 
    • Cons  
  • Live Tree:   
    • Pros 
    • Cons:   
  • I am sure there are other Pro's and Con's I didn't cover here, so email me and let me know what your Pros and Cons are for a Fake or Live Christmas Tree.  Send your emails to .  

Topic #3: What is the best gift for the gardener in your family? 

Ask more questions to get to specific likes and interests of your family member.  

Our Gift Favs' 

Topic #4: Is there an actual Christmas Cactus and what is the best way to care for it? 

  • The Christmas Cactus, or Schlumbergera bridesii or truncata 

Wrap up     

  • For this episode or any previous episodes, the show notes will be availabe at  
  • Leave comments/ suggestions at .    
  • Join me next week for our Episode 11 on Indoor Plants for Winter Color !  See Ya!