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DIY Garden Minute Ep29 - 5 Garden Gifts for Pruning Lovers – Holiday Garden Gift Series Show Notes

Nov 25, 2018

This is the DIY Garden Minute by Spoken Garden!  "Teaching you tips and tricks for your Garden in one minute!"     

Today's topic: 5 Garden Gifts for Pruning Lovers! Part of our 12-part Holiday Garden Gift Series  

Some gift ideas we are affiliates for, so we might get a small commission if you click and buy any of these products.  

Our 5 garden gift ideas for that perennial pruner you know:  

  1. Corona ClassicCUT Forged Bypass Handshears  
  2. Fiskars 28-inch Bypass Loppers  
  3. Fiskars 7-inch PowerTooth Soft Grip Folding Pruning Saw  
  4. DeWalt Anti-Fog Safety Glasses  
  5. Husky Water-Resistant Leather Gloves   

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  See ya in the Garden!