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DIY Garden Minute Ep12 - Fall Leaves & Their 3 Benefits - Show Notes

Sep 30, 2018

This is the DIY Garden Minute by Spoken Garden!  "Teaching you tips and tricks for your Garden in one minute!"   

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Today's topic is Fall Leaves and Their 3 Benefits! 

In the fall...

The 3 benefits to keeping your plant leaves in your garden are: 

  • Mulch layer and suppress weeds 
  • Add nutrients
  • Creating more soil and improve water retention. 


All three of these can be different depending on the leaves waxiness, density, and size, along with other environmental factors helping with breakdown, including temperature, moisture, sunlight, and micro-organisms.  Keep only about 1-2 inches thick of leaves in your garden, picking up and disposing of the rest.  

And now you know the 3 benefits of keeping leaves in your garden after they drop!  

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