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Bonus Ep1 - Show Notes

Feb 15, 2018

 Intro with questions and overview of episode 

Have you ever been to your local home and garden show?  Why would you even consider going to such an event?  What types of people go to these events and when are the best times to go?  Today on Bonus Episode 1, we answer these questions and hope to broaden your idea on what a home and garden show can be like for a DIY gardener!  By the end of this episode, we hope we will have peeked your interest and get you excited to attend your local home and garden show! 


Street Credit 

Intro and Title

Main Topic: 

  1. Wild Birds Unlimited - . 
  2. Tapestry Farm and Garden – Tracy from WSNLA and Local Farm and Garden Owner in Olympia WA 
  1. All Seasons Pest Control -  
  2. Washington State University Master Gardeners -  
  3. Tagro -  
  4. Pierce County Noxious Weeds Board -  


Wrap Up!