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Bonus Ep2 - 7-Ideas to Make Earth Day Every Day - Show Notes

Apr 28, 2018

So, What's Earth Day? Does it affect me?  Can I actually make a difference in my own local environment?  Today on Bonus Episode 2, I talk about Earth Day, what it means to me, and how you can make a positive impact in your own life by trying to make Earth Day Every Day. 


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Main Topic: 

 7-Ideas to make Earth Day a part of Every Day: 

  1. Plant a Tree 
  2. Recycle 
  3. Reduce your use of plastics 
  4. Create a wildlife habitat in your yard or at your business  
  5. Promote Pollinators in your local region  
  6. Eliminate use of pesticides and chemicals.  Use natural ingredient pest control that is safe to use and handle instead 
  7. Compost yard and food material to reduce your waste and reuse in your yard and garden  

Try out one or more of these seven ideas to make Earth Day Every Day!  You will feel good about what you accomplish and know that you are making positive strides to improving your own environment.  Win-Win!  Email us and tell is you try any of these ideas and how they went.  We would love to hear from you! 

 Wrap Up: 

  • Suggestions, Questions, Comments: Email us at    
  • For more information on Earth Day and specific things you can do to help improve our world, you can visit with the link in the shows notes.  Again, please let us know what you did for Earth Day, too!  We'd love to hear from you! 
  • Join me next time for Episode 17 discussing Best Pest Prevention Strategies!  See Ya in the Garden!